• PhD & MS Theses

    Technology Semantic Network: A Knowledge Base to Enable Aritificial Intellignece Applications in Engineering Design

    Serhad Sarica, PhD, 2020

    Data-Driven Design: Patent Data and Network Analysis

    Binyang Song, PhD, 2019

    Combinational Creativity: Theories, Methods and Tools

    Yuejun He, PhD, 2019

    A Customer-centred Approach to Emerging Technologies: A Case Study on the E-commerce Industry

    Kok Ting Han, MS, 2019

    Human-Like and Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence Products

    Izabela Witoszko, MS, 2018

    Critical Factors in the Selection of Startup Incubator Residents

    Bungee (Bangqi) Yin, MS, 2015