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    Jianxi Luo is the Founder and Director of Data-Driven Innovation Lab since 2013. He is currently a Professor at the City University of Hong Kong. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Systems and S.M. in Technology Policy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as M.S. and B.E. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Tsinghua University. His research has been instrumental in establishing the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) paradigm, by fusing design science, system science and artificial intelligence with domain expertise to develop DDI ontologies, methods and tools. Luo’s broader interests include design science, complex systems, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, leadership, and technology policy. Recognized among the global top 1% scientists by Stanford & Elsevier, his research has produced several industry-adopted DDI tools, 160+ publications, 110+ invited talks, and 20+ international accolades from INFORMS, ASME, Design Society, Complex Systems Society and etc. In 2022, Luo was honored as a G20 Professor for his contribution to the DDI paradigm.


    Luo has held editorial positions with many design journals, including Design Science, Journal of Engineering Design, Research in Engineering Design, Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis & Manufacturing, Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and International Journal of AI for Materials and Design. He was the Chair of the INFORMS Technology Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship Section from 2015 to 2016 and is an executive committee member for the Council of Engineering Systems Universities in the USA from 2022. Prior to joining CityU, he was on the faculty of the Engineering Product Development Pillar of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) from 2012 to 2023, a Principal Investigator at the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre from 2013 to 2020, and the Director of the SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme from 2019 to 2021. Luo also served as a faculty member at New York University from 2011 to 2012 and a visiting scholar at Cambridge University in 2005 and Columbia University from 2011 to 2012, and worked briefly with the World Economic Forum, Environmental Defense Fund, Asian Development Bank, and Toyota USA.